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Types of Corporations

The three main types of incorporation are: 

1. S Corporation  
  - This corporation pays no tax. 
  - This type of corporation is the most popular.  

  - The profit or loss of the corporation is passed through to the shareholders.

2. C Corporation/Corporation 
  - This corporation is taxed separately from the shareholders.
  - Tax rate varies from 15% and up.
  - Income is distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends.  

   3. Non-Profit Corporation
  - This corporation is for the purpose of conducting non-profit business.
  - Some examples of a Non-Profit Corporation are churches, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, and active fundraising programs.

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Business Formation

What are my options?

You can form a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

Why Incorporate?

The two main benefits of incorporating are:

1. A Corporation is a separate entity from you.
- Your legal liability is usually limited to the assets of the corporation instead of you personally.
- The corporation has its' own federal I.D. number. 

2. Income received by the corporation may be considered investment income. If setup correctly, it is not subject to the 15% self-employed tax. 

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